Beef Choclo Soup

We have been kind of sick this week. I especially don’t do well during this time of the year. And the food kind of narrows down to dried ginger-black pepper tea, soup or… Continue reading

Beef Neck-Bone Stock

I love my cup of soup, especially in the winter (though officially winter is over, it is still cold as far as I am concerned). As a child I remember my mom making… Continue reading

Coconut Okra Curry

This is one of my mom’s okra (lady’s finger) dish that she makes retaining the structure of the vegetable. There is no slime, and is overall a mild dish with heat from the… Continue reading

Garlic Stir-fried Mushrooms

We are the in weekend-refrigerator cleaning mode and I had a big box of mushrooms that we had bought from Costco. When not in the mood to make anything elaborate I always fall… Continue reading

Pad Thai Frittata

I could not find a better way to call it, hence – Pad Thai Frittata. Yesterday after a grueling long day pushing paper work we had Thai food for dinner. My wife ordered… Continue reading

The Kitchen Garden

The nature of our visit to India did not give us the opportunity to spend time in Kerala. But when my Dad told me that my grandmother was not doing well, we took… Continue reading

Chana Masala

I grew up in India, Tanzania, and little of the Middle East at a time and generation before the advent of canned foods. Foods sealed in a tin were pretty much limited to… Continue reading

Grilled Prawns and Saffron-mashed Potatoes

I had not met my closest friends in Washington DC since Christmas. Caught in the mundane aspects of life, time went by. Then my wife and I went to India for couple of… Continue reading

Mom’s Cooking – Condiments

Chutneys and condiments vie with fish as the main dishes of a meal at our (my parent’s) house. At any given point there would be at least two or three pickles, Inji curry… Continue reading

Mom’s Cooking – Fish

My mother has been cooking pretty much her whole life, and is the biggest influence in my cooking. Her mastery over spices and heat (temperature) is exemplary.  Over the years I have kind… Continue reading

Mutton Dopiaza

I am not even sure why I am calling this dish “Mutton Dopiaza”. I don’t know anything about the dish – its origin or what it really stands for. I am depending on… Continue reading

Chapati and Beans Thoran

Its been two years since I have posted anything on my blog. To be frank I didn’t even realize it. It’s not that I have not cooked anything in the last 24 months.… Continue reading